Congrats on falling for the myth of Persephone. I, too, have always loved this myth, and have written about it on my website/blog, The Art of Creative Writing, where I explain its significance to people today. You might be interested in having a glance at it.

Yes, I'd been a popularity 'swinger'—desiring company versus being alone—during earlier days. I was often guilty about not having lots of friends. Now I realize that it's always been my lot to walk the path alone, with just a few intimate companions. Once I'd seen this, the journey became more meaningful and I enjoyed the peace and space to go deeper into things. Thanks for the reminder, Don.

I, too, feel a strong connection between nature and the spiritual. i still carry with me my childhood birthplace in a small country town in Northern NSW, Australia. It illuminates my forever growing mystical awakening that has brought me peace in my twilight years.

Great story! I've lived a similar narrative of emotional collapse followed by a spiritual/mystical rebirth. Like you, too, I was thrown back into chaos by the universe afterwards. All part of the learning pathway! Thanks.

Anne Skyvington

Anne Skyvington

I love writing creatively about life, love, mysticism and emotions. Still learning about posting on Medium. A not so laid-back Aussie in her twilight years.